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  • Advance Fintelligence


    Got a product or service that’s ready to launch yet it needs that transformative differentiator? Our incubator program can move you forward. Once chosen, access Yodlee Interactive’s API, the Developer Forum plus YI consultations.
    Progress smarter.


    Fire Some FinAppses

  • Disrupt with a better class of data


    We've been waiting for you. The market's been waiting for you. Build your application with the only scaled FinDat platform available. With 7 out of 10 top US banks and tens of thousands of portals directly feeding and gathering from source sites, we’ve got your numbers. Enough said.

    What are you waiting for?


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  • Speed Consumer Onboarding


    Yodlee® FastLink
    Experience a faster time to market and enable consumers to quickly and securely link financial accounts and access transaction-level data on mobile apps with Yodlee FastLink.


  • Speed Account Verification


    Add Yodlee Verification API to your app and verify account ownership and balances in seconds.

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  • Take your FinApp to Primetime

    PartnerHub now available
    in Yodlee SmallBusiness!


    With Yodlee Interactive, you can distribute your FinApp on your own, or build your distribution through our Active Commerce Exchange (ACE)— Either way, it's YI—Your Innovation.


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  • YI = Your Innovation


    Who runs with Yodlee Interactive? Every kind of company and partner—from Fortune 500s down to two guys in a garage with the next great idea for financial services innovation. 600 of them. In 35 verticals. And now, you. Sweet.


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