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Our Partner Ecosystem

What is ACE?

Active Commerce Exchange makes the financial channel available so you can directly distribute to financial institutes or publishers seeking innovative FinApps.

Building and distributing financial applications — FinApps — through YI’s Active Commerce Exchange (ACE) is your ticket to a vast new world of financial channel opportunity.

With ACE, FinApp partners can:

  • generate new revenue
  • eliminate repeat integration costs by leveraging the financial platform with a decade of success
  • shorten sales cycle
  • reduce marketing and sales costs (packaging provided by YI)

With ACE, FIs and publishers can:

  • generate new revenue
  • increase the engagement and loyalty of consumers
  • move products to market more quickly (certification, security, and vendor management are handled by YI)
  • enable deeper customer insights through aggregated user data
  • gain highly-targeted cross-selling opportunities

While focusing in our key segments SMB, Retail, Wealth Management, and Cards, we are continually looking for all innovative FinApp solutions.

Preferred ACE FinApp solution providers

BalanceBill GuardBIMPay SimpleExecupayFreeAgentLivePlanMiiCardWise.lyShoeboxedXigniteTallieToumetisH&R BlockMicronotesTipRanksXero